Thanks To Harun Yahya; Turkey Is The Heart Of The Creation In The World


On 24 May 2007, an analysis by Nicholas Birch, took place on  the website of Eurasianet which is a NewYork based,  massive non governmental organization that researches the political, economical, environmental and social develepments in Central Asia, Caucasia, Russia, Middle East and Southeast Asia. Nicholas Birch who is an expert on Turkey, Iran and Middle East, mentioned the world wide impact of Adnan Oktar’s studies that reveal the fact of Creationism.

A geneticist from Istanbul University, Haluk Ertan, sums up the situation succinctly. "Turkey," he says, "is the headquarters of creationism in the Middle East."

”Not just the Middle East, the world", insists Tarkan Yavas, the dapper, youthful director of the Istanbul-based Foundation for Scientific Research (BAV). The 15-year-old institute had generated a prodigious amount of information, publishing hundreds of titles…

Headed by a charismatic preacher, Adnan Oktar, BAV’s latest production is the 770-page "Atlas of Creation" which it sent free of charge to scientists and schools in Britain, Scandinavia, France and Turkey this February.

Page after page juxtaposes photographs of fossils and living species, claiming the similarities prove the fraudulence of claims that species adapt with time. The book goes on to blame evolutionary principles for Communism, Nazism and – under an A3 photo of the Twin Towers in flames – Islamic radicalism and the September 11 terrorist tragedy. "Darwinism is the only philosophy which values conflict", the text says.

… A survey in 2006 showed that only 25 percent of Turks fully accepted the principle of evolution. According to another poll in 2005, 50 percent of biology teachers questioned or rejected evolution.

Darwinism is dying in Turkey, thanks to us", says BAV’s Yavas, who vowed to keep pressing a creationist agenda until Turkish culture is cleansed of what he called atheist materialism. "Darwinism breeds immorality, and an immoral Turkey is of no use to the European Union at all."

Like BAV, which has organized hundreds of conferences on creationism over the past decade as well as a recent flurry of "creation museums," opponents of creationism are increasingly taking their arguments directly to the Turkish public. The last few months have seen a series of scientific conferences held in central Anatolian towns.