The Evolution Debate is Shaped By Harun Yahya … He Has A Tremendous Influence

The World, a weekly program jointly produced by the BBC, PRI and WGBH, carried a broadcast on the subject of the rejection of the theory of evolution in the Islamic world on 11 December 2008. In the program, broadcast by 218 radio stations in the USA, Salman Hameed, a British academic of Pakistani origins, discussed the impact of the works of Harun Yahya in that context:

"Currently THE DEBATE IS BEING SHAPED by creationists in the Islamic world. THE MOST PROMINENT ONE IS HARUN YAHYA IN TURKEY. And he links evolution with atheism and also with the West. Everything that is wrong with the West he ascribes that to the acceptance of evolution… Many of the participants that I have talked to in my lectures here [in Pakistan] they usually cite Harun Yahya’s work."

Asked by the presenter "Is he influential?," Hameed replied:

"He has an enormous reach. In fact his books are widely available not only in the Muslim world, but also in the Muslim diaspora, for example in Europe, in England. His documentaries are shown on television everyday and recently he sent out this 850 page Atlas… HE HAS A TREMENDOUS INFLUENCE at present regarding evolution. THE MOST PROMINENT VOICE we have in the Islamic world is that of creationist Harun Yahya."