The Salvation Of East Turkestan Lies in The Turkish-islamic Union

RFA (Radio Free Asia), an American radio station that broadcasts in Asia in nine languages carried an interview with Adnan Oktar on its Uyghur website. (You can access the whole interview from here.) The author stressed the importance of Islamic union for the liberation of East Turkestan from Chinese oppression, and gave the following message to the people of East Turkestan: 

“They are very dear to me, my dear brothers, whose liberation I have been praying for ever since I was a child. And I am striving for them. InshaAllah, the next 10-15 years will be years of liberation. InshaAllah, all captive Turks and captive Muslims will be freed. Let them prepare themselves very well. Let them increase their awe of Allah. Let them raise their cultural levels and their faith. Let them increase their love and fear of Allah. Let them prepare themselves as anti-Darwinists. Let them learn all the frauds and hoaxes of Darwinists. Let them visit my web sites and look at them. Let them intensify their love for one another. They must be on their guard against degeneration. They must strongly defend their national culture. And let them not get involved in anything else. InshaAllah, their liberation is close at hand.”