“time For Us All To Give Up. We”ve Been Defeated By Harun Yahya”

On his blog site containing scientific news, one dyed-in-the-wool pro-evolution biologist noted the interview that Adnan Oktar gave to Arab News, the largest English-daily in Saudi Arabia. The report contained the following extract, under the heading “Time for us all to give up. We”ve been defeated by Harun Yahya:”

“A fierce opponent of Darwinism, Yahya takes the credit for defeating the theory of evolution. [Yahya:] ‘First, we offered Darwinists around the world 100 million fossils, which prove that this world came into being as a result of God”s creationism and not because of evolution. Second, Darwin wrote in his books that people have to find transitional forms to prove the theory of evolution, but nobody has been able to find a single transitional form. Third, Darwinists claim that the first cell came into being as a coincidence. But it is impossible for even a single protein to be formed by chance. Fourth, we have proved that the skulls that were displayed as evidence of evolution are fake. Darwinism cannot explain how we can see or hear or sense with the support of our brain.’

Polls conducted by newspapers in Germany, France, Switzerland and Denmark showed that 85-90 percent of Europeans no longer believed in the theory of evolution.”

The original text of the interview that appeared in Arab News on 23 November, 2008,
under the headline “Harun Yahya: Win over Darwinism”