What will referendum bring for Kurds?

Referandum Kürtlere Ne Getirecek?

By advancing deeper into Iraq in 2014 and capturing Mosul, ISIS plunged the Barzani administration directly into war. Apart from that conflict the Barzani administration faced other challenges too, such as the care of refugees coming from Syria and Iraq, being unable to receive their 17 percent oil share of from the central administration, the PKK attempting to declare autonomy in the Sinjar region, the protests sparked by economic stagnation, and internal political disputes. Barzani probably saw the referendum as a way out of these difficulties or a political maneuver; elections are to be held in Northern Iraq in early November, and Barzani wants to enter those elections as “the leader who took a step towards independence”. However, this is an erroneous strategy that does not take the good of the people into consideration at all.

Based in Amman, MENA FN is the leading news source of the business and economy news of the Arab World, published Harun Yahya’s articleWhat will referendum bring for Kurds?


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